Still no certainty for Gesu squatters

More than two days after the decision of mayor Kir to evict the 200 residents of the “Gesu squat”, nothing has happened yet. A press conference was held by the mayor to announce that: several empty residences (approx. 20) have been found, the eviction WILL take place – but Kir refused to announce a date – and that before or during the eviction, residents will be registered.

According to another member of the city council, Kir is lying about the empty buildings: “these residences would be uninhabitable for at least two weeks”. It is also unclear whether these residences would be available for undocumented immigrants as well or only just for people with residence permits.

The undocumented immigrants (the majority of the 200 squatters) fear – other than the eviction from the Gesu squat – arrestations and imprionment in detention centers, possibly followed by expulsions to their home countries.