Afghan asylum seekers continue their struggle

Since early september, a group of 200-300 Afghan undocumented immigrants started organizing protests in Brussels. They protested intensively, with spontaneous sit-ins and traffic blockades near the parliament and near the prime minister’s office (in the so called neutral zone, where demonstrations are unauthorized). They’ve occupied several empty buildings and have been evicted more than once. They’ve been subjected to police violence. And they have very little support: there’s no back up from trade unions or NGOs – merely a few students and activists assist to their actions.

One might not agree with the slogan “no borders, no nations”. One can find it unpleasant when their protests cause big traffic jams. But I think their perseverance is to be admired!

Photo: 29/10/2013 – Protest in front of the HQ of cdH (the party of the minister of interior)